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Through close and cooperative partnerships with software manufacturers, hardware developers and construction experts, we can offer you an even broader range of services.


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123erfasst Partner PRAKOM

Our partner for Austria. The PraKom Software GmbH combines 20 years of experience with customized project workflows with a reliable partner for your company who is there for you 24/7. The integration of new organizational processes are adapted to your needs.


In addition to a high degree of flexibility, entrepreneurs expect their software solution to have a strong counterpart who can deal with the companies’ processes directly and on site at all times. PraKom Software GmbH and its partners have the necessary KNOW HOW for a tailor-made business solution in your industry.



123erfasst Partner BPS Software

123erfasst Partner awenko

The company BPS-SOFTWARE offers professional EDP solutions from a single source for all areas of a construction company. The programs are characterized above all by minimal learning time, intuitive user guidance, their modular structure and their integrative approach.

The interface from 123onsite to BPS transmits all data to the billing system, all the way to the photos. The transfer of hours to the payroll module completes the combination to a perfect solution for construction companies.

With AWENKO.QM you can keep checklists and protocols. Wherever you are. You don’t need any connection to a network or wifi. The awenko.QM app lets you act even in shielded rooms. And it’s fast, precise and easy on the fingers. awenko.QM records all relevant steps of your quality production.



123erfasst Partner PROFLEX System GmbH

PROFLEX® is a company-wide software for metalworking make-to-order production. PROFLEX® is a company-wide software for metalworking make-to-order production. Our customers are small and medium-sized companies that want to map their processes on the basis of a central database. Individual stand-alone solutions in the various areas are to be replaced. The desire for traceable and structured processes based on uniquely collected data is seen as a capital competitive advantage. In addition, great importance is attached to industry functionality and adaptability to company-specific requirements.


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123erfasst Partner C.A.T.S

123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |

As a competent sales specialist for software in building services, C.A.T.S. Vertriebs GmbH offers you the AutoCAD/BricsCAD application for HLSESp with integrated calculations from C.A.T.S. Software GmbH and 123onsite, the app for construction site documentation on your smartphone/tablet. In addition to the software, our partner naturally also offers you training, BIM consulting and project service.

Whether it has to do with adapted standard solutions or tailor-made individual solutions. Rely on the many years of experience and the wide-ranging technical and organizational knowledge of C.A.T.S. Vertriebs GmbH!

Inseego Deutschland GmbH is a company of Inseego Corp. (Nasdaq: INSG), one of the world’s leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Big Data companies for vehicle telematics and fleet management. Inseego is not only connected to 123erfasst by its headquarters in Lower Saxony. Our customers receive customized solutions from a single source. As a technology partner of 123erfasst, we jointly link vehicle information and site data. Qualified data from fleet management and time tracking. Individual. Professional. In partnership.



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123erfasst Partner DATEV

DATEV EG is the fourth largest software developer in Germany. The company is one of the leading IT service providers for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers as well as their clients. Many medium-sized companies, construction companies and craftsmen use DATEV software, among other things for the digital commercial processing of their orders, accounting and construction wage accounting. For example, more than eleven million wage, salary and construction payrolls are created with DATEV software every month. DATEV solutions meet the highest requirements for data protection and data security, always include the latest legal status and support efficient cooperation between companies and tax consultants. And if you wish, you can prepare your own construction payroll or financial accounting in consultation with your tax advisor. With the 123onsite time tracking interface to the DATEV accounting programs, you get a complete solution for construction payroll accounting.



123erfasst Partner Lückel & Partner

123erfasst Partner Handwerks-Berater.der

Thomas Lückel & Partner has been advising craft enterprises on business management issues for many years. The number of hours sold is one of the key indicators in the craft industry. Do you know the productivity of your employees? In order to determine and optimize these key figures, you need, on the one hand, timely and informative accounting and, on the other hand, timely recording and evaluation of your construction site data. Thomas Lückel & Partner break new ground in accounting and consulting for craft enterprises.

The firm is one of the leading providers of digital accounting. You’ll never need to presort a “shuttle folder” for record keeping again. The documents are transferred conveniently via scanner or interface. The accounting is prepared on a daily basis and at the end of each month you will receive a top evaluation with a quality BWA. Digital bookkeeping, combined with digital site recording by 123onsite is a perfect solution for small and medium-sized craft / construction companies. The firm serves craft enterprises throughout Germany.



123erfasst Partner geocapture

The GPS positioning specialist geoCapture serves more than 1500 customers in the DACH region. In addition to vehicle tracking, geoCapture offers innovative solutions to help any contractor or craftsman. geoCapture is a supported tracking partner for 123fleet. One system for numerous features: Vehicle location, tool location, BLE beacons, machine hours, working time recording, deployment planning, documentation, digital construction diary, logging of deployments, stamping in the vehicle and via app. Powerful solutions that are intuitive to use and ready to go – all in the cloud.

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123erfasst Partner PTC Telematik

123erfasst Partner SKS IT-Systeme

PTC Telematics has been developing satellite-based telematics applications for over 15 years. They optimize and control the fleet management of their customers. After all, transparency creates trust. Route planning, vehicle tracking, fleet management, time tracking, software around the fleet.

The SKS GMBH brings you to stationary time recording. You will directly get the right choice of hardware tailored to your needs. In the office, on the construction site, with Wi-Fi, with UMTS, everything is possible. And all this with the latest encrypted RFID standards.



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123erfasst Partner Trackunit

Trackunit is a leading provider of SaaS-based IoT solutions and machine insights for the global construction equipment industry. Trackunit captures and analyzes machine data in real time to provide customers with actionable, proactive and predictive information. Trackunit promises to lead the technology commitment to eliminating downtime. The goal of this mission is not only to make up for budget and schedule overruns, but also to restore the construction industry’s reputation for innovation and leadership. From operator safety and equipment health to business optimization, Trackunit’s industry-leading telematics software, hardware and fleet management services benefit the daily operations of customers worldwide.



123erfasst Partner Phonetracker

123erfasst Partner SWI GmbH

While almost all tracking solution providers on the market charge monthly fees for their service, PHONETRACKER offers you a solution WITHOUT LOCATION FEES. Only the transmission costs of the mobile network operator are incurred. The system runs autonomously at the customer’s site, thus ensuring its independence from the provider.

Originating from two individual companies in 1988, SWI SOLUTIONS WITH INTELLIGENCE GMBH has developed into a competent, reliable partner for ERP systems operating throughout Europe.

SWI’s goal is long-term partnership with customers, not a quick deal. Elaborated concepts and an individual service even after the purchase are not just empty promises by the company.



123erfasst Partner relog

In payroll accounting, and especially in construction payroll accounting, there are a number of special features, such as the seasonal short-time allowance, immediate notifications, social security funds and the keeping of working time accounts. The constant changes in legislation also pose a challenge.
Without specialist knowledge of payroll accounting, there are many sources of error here, which can sooner or later lead to problems during audits. Relieve yourself of this responsibility.

With relog, you have an experienced service provider by your side. The construction wage experts of relog are at your disposal with words and deeds. All data is prepared in coordination with you and there are interfaces to the time recording systems. Any necessary notifications to offices and other institutions are also taken care of.

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123erfasst Partner MOVING INTELLIGENCE

Moving Intelligence GmbH (formerly PLT Software GmbH) has been part of the Dutch Moving Intelligence Group, market leader for GPS-based anti-theft and vehicle monitoring systems in the Netherlands, since mid-2021. The Group is currently expanding rapidly on its way to being the European market leader for digital fleet management and vehicle safety.



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