Software for construction site planning

With our planning module, you can coordinate equipment, projects & personnel efficiently

This is how you benefit from our construction site planning software

Projects, equipment or personnel – simple scheduling via drag & drop

Transparent overview of planned absences

Plan each shift optimally

View deployment plan anywhere at any time

Reliable planning of equipment usage

Immediately recognize if active construction sites are well staffed

Without digital construction site planning

  • Unclear operational planning
  • Cumbersome manual planning
  • Information is stored decentrally
  • Staff or equipment missing from the site
  • No overview of availability of Staff, Projects or Equipment

With the construction site planner from 123onsite

  • Immediately recognize if active construction sites are well staffed
  • All information available at any time in a single app
  • Transparent overview of planned assignments and absences
  • Plan projects, Staff and Equipment in a comprehensible way
  • Assign workers to the respective construction site via drag & drop

Billing method





1 user

The apprentice for the digital construction site

  • 1 user free of charge
  • Project planning
  • Equipment planning
  • Personnel planning





per user and month

The fully-fledged journeyman for professional work

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Project planning
  • Device planning
  • Personnel planning
  • Team planning
  • Filter
  • Roles & Rights
  • Integrations
  • Support included

How you can use our app for construction site planning

Mobile equipment and personnel planning on construction sites


Our market-leading construction site planning solution simplifies your daily operations planning and materials management on construction sites. With 123onsite you can always see at a glance how Staff or Equipment are deployed.

Construction planning – clear, mobile and efficient


Use our software for personnel planning on construction sites to coordinate employees individually or in a column. Set various filters for projects, individual employees or teams, absences as well as equipment and requirements.

Reliably plan shift schedules and equipment deployment


Too few Staff and lack of Equipment due to poor planning? That’s over now. With 123onsite you can easily and clearly schedule your workforce and your equipment.

Assign shifts via drag & drop, mark work interruptions, move or copy tasks for your employees.

Paperless in the office –
start now for free

It’s simple: Through our apps, you reduce the effort of your data entry, have an overview at any time during your project and can check your calculation afterwards.
Even easier: With us you save time and money.


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Thanks to the ability to process all data recorded with 123onsite digitally on a site-specific basis, we’ve enjoyed considerable advantages in our office.

Emil Tepe GmbH

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Things to know about the software for construction site planning

A construction site planning software makes it possible to digitally coordinate the scheduling of operations and equipment on the sites. This has the advantage that you can save time in equipment and personnel planning, always maintain an overview, and thus devote yourself more intensively to your core business.

In a software for personnel planning you can see at a glance which construction sites are occupied and how. Using drag-and-drop, you can assign employees to a different area of operation and thus efficiently staff your construction sites. Best of all, 123onsite not only offers a desktop version, but also an app that allows your employees to access all important information on the go.

The standard license is recommended as soon as more than one user wants to schedule personnel, devices or projects via the software. In addition, the standard license gives you more features, such as the ability to schedule teams, filters, roles and permissions, and integrations.

Dispatchers can plan equipment and personnel for the construction site via the desktop view in the office and thus maintain an overview. In addition, all employees have mobile access to shift schedules and the like at all times through the app.

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