Seamless reporting at the push of a button!

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Reporting made easy!

Ensure exemplary accounting easily with the defect management app. Stay on top of things now with your customized reporting and discover the benefits of document management. Save yourself the time-consuming post-processing of documents, orders and invoices and assign them directly to the correct process at the push of a button.

Create defect reports, acceptance protocols, supplements, evaluations, etc.

Lists with VOB-compliant cover sheet incl. reprint and preprint

Copy and standardize forms or create your own templates

Access current data anywhere – even offline and on any device

Transfer contents straight into the documentation! Save, file, sign* – done

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Comprehensive reporting thanks to defect management

With the quality module you can optimize the documentation on your construction site. The app provides you with a quick backup of all processes as well as with an overview of all upcoming activities. At the office, you have direct access to all tickets created on the construction site as well as their status.

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Time saving at the push of a button

Save yourself the time-consuming post-processing of documents, orders and invoices and assign them to the correct process with a single click. With the intelligent search filter you can quickly and effectively find all the desired operations.


All important protocols per click

Create defect and obstruction reports, acceptance protocols, supplements, warranty acceptances, as well as occupational health and safety evaluations and much more. Thanks to the form function, you can easily copy and standardize reports as well as configure and customize new templates.


Overview in accordance with regulations

View all tickets and forms in one overview and export them directly into a PDF for a proper construction handover. Create fully automatically a VOB-compliant letter incl. cover sheet for your list of defects incl. pre- and post-printing.


From any device of your choice

You can use our defect management app on iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones, and as an online application for your PC. Download the app from the iOS AppStore or the Google Play Store and get started right away.

How do I manage good reporting?

Of course, with the 123onsite Quality module. Put an end to communication via SMS or Whatsapp that is questionable from a data protection point of view and incomplete documents. Our Reporting feature allows you to make some optimizations!




Create tickets for tasks or defects and locate them on the stored plans. You always have your documentation at hand. Digitally and mobile via app.

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“Smart building” thanks to defect management

In our series on smart construction, you’ll learn how and why you should manage your entire construction site from start to finish – paperless, without data loss, with maximum time savings and absolutely cost-efficient. As we all know, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, and the more you build, the more likely things will go wrong somewhere on the construction site. In this white paper, you’ll learn the important rules for avoiding and managing construction disruptions and how to easily comply with them.

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It’s simple: Through our apps, you reduce the effort of your data entry, have an overview at any time during your project and can check your calculation afterwards.
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Working with digital systems raises questions about data protection. Legislators expect companies to address these issues. So here we go!


123onsite quality

Optimize your reporting by using the 123onsite quality module. You’ll find all the info you need here.


Success story

Matthias Faust, project manager at Otto Building Technologies GmbH, states, “123onsite is state of the art and exactly covers our requirements for time tracking, photo documentation and reporting.”

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