Staff for digital time tracking and personnel planning

With the Staff module, all important workforce data, such as working hours, applications or qualifications, are recorded digitally and managed centrally, depending on the branch or company structure.

What can the Staff module do?

Efficient time tracking for construction via app

Functionality can be extended as required

Location and time-independent use via app with personal login

GPS data if desired

Simple and intuitive operation

Offline use on the construction site is possible

Everyday life on the construction site

  • Paperwork
  • Not audit-proof for legal regulations
  • Manually record, transfer and calculate times
  • Data can only be processed further afterwards
  • Availability of data is time-consuming, delayed and decentralized

Easier with 123onsite

  • Mobile Time tracking
  • Calculate weekly hours automatically
  • Booked times and absences available in real time at any time
  • Fast, automated, loss-free transfer to payroll accounting
  • Legally compliant filing thanks to up-to-date and reliable information

Billing method

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10 users

The apprentice for the digital construction site

  • up to 10 users free of charge
  • Time tracking
  • Absences





per user and month

The fully-fledged journeyman for professional work

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Time tracking
  • Absences
  • Requests
  • Skills
  • Roles & Rights
  • Exports & Imports
  • Integrations
  • Support included





per user and month

The excellent master for demanding requirements

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Time tracking
  • Absences
  • Requests
  • Skills
  • Roles & Rights
  • Exports & Imports
  • Integrations
  • Forms
  • Documents
  • Allowances
  • Monthly calendar
  • Time accounts
  • Construction wage
  • Support included

How does the Staff module work?

Mobile time tracking for the construction site


With our market-leading mobile Time tracking app, your colleagues on the job site can easily and intuitively record their working hours and absences using a regular smartphone. The system automatically assigns the times to a construction site and transmits the data to your office in real time.

That’s not enough for you? There’s still something going on!


Record various requests for vacation, sick leave, and other reasons for absences. Define individual skills of your employees and assign different roles and rights to the users. Import and export data using integrations to other software solutions.

Clear calendars and automatic data transfer


Configure forms and store important documents regarding the respective people. Wages are calculated taking construction rates, allowances and expenses into account. Maps, annual and monthly calendars for working time accounts ensure full transparency and optimal daily planning.

Forget the pay slips. With 123onsite’s Construction payroll, the recorded working times are automatically transferred directly from the construction site to the payroll accounting system without any losses.

Paperless in the office –
start now for free

It’s simple: Through our apps, you reduce the effort of your data entry, have an overview at any time during your project and can check your calculation afterwards.
Even easier: With us you save time and money.


Sign up for 123onsite for free


Enter your company and your employees


Collect data and enjoy your digitized construction site

NEVARIS Build and 123onsite captures.
This is how the workflow works.

NEVARIS Build project software for construction companies and 123onsite, the market-leading time tracking app for construction sites, can easily exchange information on projects, employees, cost centers and working hours. Watch this video to learn how the workflow works.

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Juniorchef Johannes Münsinger der Münsinger Erdbau GmbH aus dem bayrischen Blossenau

Johannes Münsinger

Managing Director

The 123onsite software is an important building block for us on the way to the digital construction site.

Münsinger Erdbau GmbH

Civil Engineering

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Any of your digital construction site questions answered

123onsite is available for the Android and iOS operating systems in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and can be used with any smartphone. To use the collected data in the office via 123Office, you need a computer with internet access and a web browser.

Your construction site is once again in the middle of a dead zone? That’s not a problem. After all, your employees can also use time tracking for construction in an offline mode. The data is stored and automatically transmitted to the server the next time the user connects to the internet.

Yes, that works. You can customize the app’s time function to your internal company agreement. This way, you can easily take company-internal bonuses for overtime, sunday, holiday and night work, meal allowances, but also allowances for travel, seasonal short-time allowance, weather-related absenteeism and other expenses and absences into account.

As soon as the times and/or absences of more than ten employees are recorded or the scope of functions is to be expanded, e.g. with applications, skills, roles and rights, integrations as well as exports and imports.

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