Report sheet app for the construction site

This is how you can reliably record and invoice control room work

Your advantages with the digital Report sheet

With 123onsite, you and your employees can digitally record and invoice your customers for directing work using their own smartphones.

Create your own report card templates – easily and customized for your construction or craft business.

Intuitive operation of the app

Record hourly & daily wage work

100% individual for your business

Legally compliant & reliable

Can be used online & offline

How the report app works

Move Report sheets from analog to digital!

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More Information

100 % individual

You can completely customize the report sheet template to your business via app. Decide for yourself what information is required and whether there should be additional fields for photos or master data of your customers.


Mandatory fields possible

Make it easy for yourself and set mandatory fields. Your employees can only send the report once all important information has been entered.

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Usable online & offline

We have developed 123onsite so that you can use all the features of the report sheet online as well as offline. The app reliably saves all changes while you are on the construction site and transfers them to the server as soon as you are online again.

How you benefit from digital rapport notes via app


Save time and minimize errors

Report slips on paper are quickly filled out incorrectly or get lost. With the report sheet app, you can reduce these potential sources of error in a targeted manner. Your employees can fill out the form digitally and with just a few clicks on their smartphone – simple, fast and straightforward.


Be on the safe side

With 123onsite you can add a valid digital signature to the report sheet at any time. This way, you can reliably invoice the direction work to the customer.

Get started for free with our report app

You can create your Report sheet template easily and quickly using the form function in the “Quality” module and customize it exactly for your construction company.



Create tickets for tasks or defects and locate them on the stored plans. You always have your documentation at hand. Digitally and mobile via app.

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Initially, colleagues were a bit skeptical. However, they quickly realized that entering hours via app is more convenient than filling out timesheets manually

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It’s simple: Through our apps, you reduce the effort of your data entry, have an overview at any time during your project and can check your calculation afterwards.
Even easier: With us you save time and money.


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123onsite quality

You can create the report template easily and quickly using the forms feature in the quality module. All the info you need is here.


Success story

ENGIE Germany GmbH achieves maximum time savings and lower personnel costs by using 123onsite. Find out now how they managed to do it.

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