The most frequently asked questions by our customers

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General information about our solutions

The apps from 123onsite are available for the operating systems Android and iOS in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.

To use the collected data in the office, all you need is a computer with internet access and an web browser. You don’t need any separate storage space on your computer – no software will be installed on your computer and no data will be stored on there too.

Yes, that works. You can adjust the time tracking feature to your individual company agreement. This means that company-internal bonuses for overtime, work on Sundays, public holidays or at night, meal allowances, but also allowances for travel, seasonal short-time allowance, weather-related absenteeism and other expenses and absences can be taken into account.

The system automatically adds booked attendance times to the stored data as per the rules and regulations.

If you wish, the default service book can be preset for the activity master when you deploy your 123 installation.

An import interface for master data exists. Please contact us and tell us which data you want to import from which software. Here you can find a list of all interfaces.

Anyone who has anything to do with construction can use our apps – currently our customers include contractors, architects/planners, carpenters, carpentry and roofers as well as gas, water or electricity installers, Businesses of all sizes are among them – take a look for yourself!

Do you already know our success stories? Here we report regularly from our customers and how they use our software in their company.

123onsite is currently optimized for the construction industry and tradesmen – and we are interested in adapting the system for other industries as well – so if you like 123onsite but your industry is not yet optimally represented in our system, we would be happy to hear from you.

123onsite is basically very easy to use and we also have excellent web or eMail support.

And yet, especially when introducing a new system, it often makes sense to “bring along” the employees – for this purpose, we are happy to come to your company and train your employees in the use of 123onsite.

We will be happy to quote the cost of training for your company on request.

Probably yes! Click here for an overview of all interfaces for data import and export that we currently support.

Mobile features

That’s too bad about your phone.

Regarding you have no problems.

For data protection, you can simply block the access of the lost phone.

The data collected with the smart phone is stored safely and securely on the 123 server – this data is therefore not lost.

You just get a new phone – download the 123 app – re-enter your username and password – done – after a few seconds all data is synced again and you can just carry on.

That’s not a problem. 123onsite can be used by your employees even in offline mode. The data will be saved and transmitted to the server as soon as it is connected to the internet again, and thus securely to your software in the office.

No. The system is designed in a way that only the foreman / supervisor / site manager needs a mobile device through which he can time-stamp all those present on the construction site or even record the activities on the site.

However, 123onsite is flexible enough that if you want, you can give any employee access to the app. This often gives you even more usable data. The smartphones used don’t have to be new or brand-name devices. We will be happy to advise you there.

If your employees want to, they can of course also use 123onsite on their private cell phones.