Software for construction payroll accounting

Quite simply from mobile time tracking to construction payroll

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Your advantages with the Construction payroll software

With our market-leading Construction payroll app, your employees can easily record their working hours and our system transfers all data directly from the construction site to your payroll – quickly, loss-free and completely automatically.

Data you can trust

Individual tariffs possible

Error minimization and total transparency

Incredibly simple – it’s child’s play to record data for wages

All special aspects of the construction industry taken into account

How construction payroll works via app

Payroll for contractors in the construction industry is one of the most complex of all. With our Construction payroll app, we make it easy for you!

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All the peculiarities of the construction taken into account

With 123onsite, you can file special construction rates, winter downtime pay, three-month flat rates, seasonal work schedules and more. It is also very easy to define company-specific pay regulations, such as holiday bonuses or flat-rate travel allowances.


Calendar with individual working hours

Different hours apply to the employees on the construction site and the employees in the office? In 123onsite you can easily store individual calendars with the different working and break times.


Working time accounts for total transparency

The annual and monthly calendars give you an overview of the working time accounts. This way, you can see any overtime or minus hours of your employees before the end of the payroll period and can take countermeasures at an early stage.

How you benefit from our Construction payroll program


Always up to date

Thanks to the daily completed payroll data, you have an overview of everything on a daily basis and can see at any given time where your construction site stands in terms of business management.


Relieve your payroll department

Your payroll department no longer has to collect handwritten pay slips and manually enter data into the construction payroll software.


Interfaces to many systems

123onsite easily adapts to your computing environment. We have over 40 interfaces to the most common payroll programs.

Get started – with construction payroll software

It’s easy: Choose the Staff module in the Pro version and you can benefit from the advantages of the 123onsite application in just a few steps.



Digital recording of all important employee data, such as working hours, applications or qualifications. Digitally and mobile via app.

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I really thought that it would take an enormous amount of time for the new mechanisms to take effect. That an app that can do so much, so easily

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Paperless in the office –
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It’s simple: Through our apps, you reduce the effort of your data entry, have an overview at any time during your project and can check your calculation afterwards.
Even easier: With us you save time and money.


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Blog articles

You can find out everything you need to know about the new distance allowance and what has actually changed.


123onsite Staff

Goodbye to paperwork! With the 123onsite Staff module, the recorded working hours are automatically transferred directly from the construction site to the payroll accounting without any losses.


Success story

Johannes Münsinger attaches great importance to the consistency of the data from recording to billing and wages. With 123onsite this is no longer a problem.

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