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Don’t miss any more appointments with 123onsite

123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |

Never miss a maintenance appointment again

With 123onsite you organize and schedule the maintenance, inspection and servicing cycles for all your Equipment. Whether construction machinery, car fleets, large or small, or electrical equipment – the right maintenance cycle can be set up and centrally managed for every maintenance case. And it’s deadline- or usage-based – just as you need it to ensure the readiness of all your Equipment.

Automated maintenance scheduling

All devices in one application

No downtime due to missed appointments

Test certificates always at hand

123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |

This is what our digital solution can do for the maintenance of your construction equipment

Whether TÜV tests, oil changes or inspections – with the 123onsite Equipment module, all maintenance dates for your construction equipment are precisely monitored. In addition to individual maintenance notifications, you can also view the current status at any time. In interaction with the telematics management in 123onsite, the usage data is always up to date.

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123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |

More safety in the handling of work equipment

Receive timely reminders of condition checks when they’re due and afterwards store the certificates directly in the system.


More efficiency through better planning

With consistent monitoring of TÜV and maintenance appointments, you can avoid equipment failures and delayed construction processes.

123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |


Individual and easy

The main overview shows you at any time which equipment is ready for use. You manage device information and maintenance cycles according to your individual needs.

How to take your construction equipment maintenance to the next level

It’s easy – with the 123onsite device module. And that already with the free tier! Get started right away!


123erfasst Equipment
123erfasst Equipment



The digital equipment management. Record the operating times and movements of your equipment on site and plan equipment maintenance.

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123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |

Smart equipment maintenance thanks to software

In our whitepaper, the second part of our “Smart Building” series, you’ll learn how to optimize your fleet management including maintenance of your equipment with simple smart tools and without much additional effort.

Paperless in the office –
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123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |

It’s simple: Through our apps, you reduce the effort of your data entry, have an overview at any time during your project and can check your calculation afterwards.
Even easier: With us you save time and money.


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Blog articles

Learn the reasons why you should integrate your equipment management into your other tools.


123onsite devices

Telematics and maintenance management combined into one software – with the 123onsite devices module, this is possible for you.


Success story

Dipl.-Ing. Sven Meinhardt from MST now also manages the inspection and maintenance cycles digitally with 123onsite. Read the whole success story now.

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