Resource and task management

This will save you time and money!

Task management for contractors, subcontractors, architects & engineers

Put an end to information loss and unfinished tasks! Easily keep track of all deadlines and dates.

In our Defect and Task management app, you can easily digitally record tasks with a completion time and assign them to responsible people or teams. This way you guarantee a smooth workflow.

Define clear responsibilities for all stakeholders

Arrange the completion of tasks also with external parties

Status quo of all open tasks in the general overview

Access anytime & anywhere – even without internet connection

Add notes or images to the ticket – in XLS, JPG, PDF or IFC format

Defect-free construction site thanks to defect management

With the help of the quality module, you can manage your defects and tasks on the construction site easily and efficiently. The app ensures a quick documentation and clearly compiles all upcoming activities. That’s not enough for you? You can also record and document all working hours.


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Your communication in one place

Different Equipment, Operating Systems and Application Locations – but one central repository! Access is possible from anywhere and in real time – even without internet connection!


Customize your file attachments

Attach more notes, additional information or pictures to your tickets and tasks. You can easily share your contributions with colleagues and external project stakeholders.


Consistent documentation

Immediately recognize which tickets have been created, to whom they are assigned and what the last processing status looks like through the activity log.


Well-networked access – also for external users

Our Task management app can be used from any device and from anywhere. Simply download it from the iOS AppStore or the Google Play Store and get started right away.

Mitarbeiter der Tell Bau GmbH schauen auf ein Handy

How can you make resource and task management work for you?

If you lack an overview of the assigned tasks and a plan regarding the workload of your employees and colleagues, then opt for the quality module. Here you can already benefit from the Task management in the Free Tier.




Create tickets for tasks or defects and locate them on the stored plans. You always have your documentation at hand. Digitally and mobile via app.

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Get to know 123onsite

Learning the tips and tricks of a task and defect management app is the key to working efficiently on the construction site and saving time and money. See for yourself and learn the tricks of the 123onsite Quality module or visit our YouTube channel for more helpful videos about 123onsite.


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123quality Whitepaper "Smart Bauen" dank Mängelmanagement

“Smart building” thanks to defect management

In our series on smart construction, you’ll learn how and why you should manage your entire construction site from start to finish – paperless, without data loss, with maximum time savings and absolutely cost-efficient. As we all know, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, and the more you build, the more likely things will go wrong somewhere on the construction site. In this white paper, you’ll learn the important rules for avoiding and managing construction disruptions and how to easily comply with them.

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It’s simple: Through our apps, you reduce the effort of your data entry, have an overview at any time during your project and can check your calculation afterwards.
Even easier: With us you save time and money.


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123onsite quality

Create tickets for tasks or defects and locate them on the stored plans – with the quality module it becomes as easy as possible for you.


Success story

Defect documentation via photo? As of now, quite easy for the ERL Realestate Group. Read the success story now.

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