Why fleet management is also worthwhile for small construction companies

Do you have 5 machines in view just like that? Then we have a few arguments why you’ll see through even better with digital fleet management.

One excavator, one mixer and three trucks – small construction companies have a manageable fleet. But as a contractor, you know how much time their management takes. But it can be done much more efficiently: with
software for device management
. 123onsite product manager Jan Köster knows how small construction companies benefit from digital device management and how you can set it up easily.


Small construction companies have to manage with limited resources. In case of doubt, you therefore take over many tasks as the boss – such as your fleet of vehicles. While larger companies assign employees to this task, you do it yourself. But a fleet of equipment is about more than scheduling. You must have the
overview of the construction equipment performance
and also keep an eye on the technical status at all times.

Maintenance and TÜV – is this a costly matter for the boss?

The constant readiness of your fleet is extremely important for your planning. You therefore need to know the next maintenance date of your equipment – because the TÜV is required by law and is strictly monitored.

If the TÜV for one of your construction machines has expired, this can become a big problem. There is a risk of severe penalties and increased costs during the follow-up audit.

Large construction groups have employees who take care of the equipment fleet, as well as a dedicated department for digitization. With their own workshop and safety department, they have everything under control: maintenance, TÜV, as well as all the specifications that must be met with their fleet. Companies with multiple pieces of equipment from one brand also have a corresponding position with manufacturers, and service technicians then come by on a scheduled basis.


It’s quite different if your company has only a handful of employees. Then, as managing director, you take care of everything that goes on in the background. This probably means that if you have one excavator from manufacturer A and another from manufacturer B, then you have to take care of all this yourself. That is at least one thing: time-consuming.

This is part of the maintenance of your fleet

To maintain your Equipment, you need to keep the following things in mind:


  • Legal requirements: For example, regular TÜV inspections are mandatory for your fleet.
  • Recurring inspections according to DGUV regulation 3: You must comply with the inspectionsDGUV. Entrepreneurs must ensure that their electrical installations and machines comply with the basic safety and health regulations, evidenced by a declaration of conformity. The accident prevention regulation DGUV Vorschrift 3 (formerly BGV A3) specifies inspection intervals and types of inspection.
  • Comply with manufacturer specifications: Manufacturers often specify device-specific inspections, for example according to mileage or meter reading. Special devices may have different maintenance intervals.
  • Company specifications: You want equipment to go through the wash once a month? You’ll keep an eye on that, too, with digital device management.
Zwei Männer koordinieren eine Baustelle.

Digitales Flottenmanagement erleichtert die Zusammenarbeit auf der Baustelle.

Construction software takes over tasks in the company and makes you more efficient

If your construction company lacks the Staff for tasks that larger companies perform with their own employees, it’s worth considering digitalization to manage your
efficiently manage your construction equipment
. Because suitable
software for fleet management
takes the pressure off you. Important: Make sure that the performance of your construction machines is recorded automatically and independently of the manufacturer . The advantage: You only need one system and have all equipment in view. The system automatically determines the equipment hours and intelligently posts them to the appropriate job sites.


You remember the cost of software as too high? Then consider
“Software as a Service” (Saas)
is an option for you.

Small businesses have an advantage when setting up the software because the prices are adjusted to the fleet size. Your license model always fits exactly to the company size and can be extended at any time!

Optimize device use digitally

From a business point of view, it is of course crucial whether companies still have to use rental equipment, even though their own equipment may be available somewhere – but cannot be identified in the equipment management system. With automated digital fleet management, on the other hand, you can see how great the runtimes are and whether they should be optimized. Large companies have their dispatchers for this. But it’s difficult for small businesses because they simply don’t have that Staff. Idle running can be quickly identified with the appropriate software.

With digital device management, you always have all documents at hand

Is your software
you have the great advantage of a digital file of all vehicles. You can then upload documents to all Equipment. For example, if one of your employees is looking for a manual or the last maintenance list as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF, they can simply click on the equipment in the system. All documents are stored there and can be opened from anywhere. If an on-site inspection takes place, you are optimally prepared – without tedious paperwork, but with a
digital construction site management

Setting up the software is a breeze for small businesses

Small companies have a big advantage over large ones when they put the software into operation: The systems are set up quickly and the
device management can be easily integrated into the existing system.
. For small businesses, it’s easier and only a one-time effort to set up.

Bottom line

Small construction companies can digitize their fleet management easily and quickly. And if their fleet grows, the program can adapt at any time. This way you make your construction company more efficient and can better invest the time you gain.

Photo credits: 123onsite/Timo Lutz commercial photography; vm/E+ via Getty Images

An article by
Jan Köster