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Time recording systems for the construction industry: The HWK Frankfurt-Rhein-Main provides guidance

Are you looking for a time recording system for your company? Then you need guidance – and preferably an independent recommendation. They do exist: The Handwerkskammer (HWK) Frankfurt-Rhein-Main has published a comparison of the best time recording systems. To spoil right away: 123onsite is at the top. What tipped the scales and how HWK tested explains David Künnen, Head of Product Management 123onsite.

The software development process at 123onsite has one goal above all: users should be satisfied in the daily use of our tools. But an independent look at our time recording app couldn’t hurt, we thought, and participated as one of 22 companies in the survey of the Handwerkskammer Frankfurt-Rhein-Main on the topic of “digital time tracking / timesheet“. The HWK was apparently also convinced. The comparison of current digital time recording systems shows that 123onsite offers the most comprehensive solution.

123onsite scored as one of the most comprehensive time tracking systems.

The 123onsite app for capturing the Working time via smartphone was able to score in all areas. The Handwerkskammer Frankfurt-Rhein-Main then had four apps presented by the respective manufacturers in a webinar – 123onsite was there! (You can access the corresponding ePaper here.) The comparison is thus a good basis for companies interested in software solutions for Time tracking, because: The comparison is very practical.

Comparison of time and attendance systems: 123onsite offers the right features and price

A comparison of digital time recording systems from different providers reveals that 123onsite’s range of functions is particularly extensive and its technical implementation is future-proof.



  • Working hours (start, end, breaks)
  • Types of activities
  • Assignment to a construction site
  • Material entry
  • GPS data
  • Photo documentation
  • Measurement data


For example, as an Excel file, CVS format, as a PDF, DATEV or by transfer with an individual interface.


The HWK Frankfurt-Rhein-Main also examined the data security and future viability of the technology. The comparison shows: 123onsite relies on modern technologies. The time recording system is available as a Tier for web browser and smartphone (Android/IOS). The cloud-enabled software is hosted on servers in Frankfurt. Servers located in Germany are particularly attractive in terms of data security. And for companies, this means: They do not have to install the software themselves on their own systems and do not have to maintain their own server park.

You want to know for sure? The provider comparison of time tracking software in detail

Mitarbeiter der Prange GmbH schaut auf sein Handy

That’s why 123onsite is at the top in the comparison of time recording systems

So what made 123onsite stand out in the comparison of time and attendance systems?

It is the variety of functions at 123onsite that has emerged through the comparison.

This is very important for users, because digitization in the skilled trades offers the opportunity for more efficient work. Because the industry is very diverse in its processes, construction companies want systems that fit their processes. With its wide range of functions, 123onsite Time tracking offers many individual setting options. This allows the system to be well adapted to the company’s processes.

123onsite scores with a fair price model for the time recording system

The cost of time tracking software is also critical for businesses. The HWK Frankfurt comparison breaks down what annual costs small, medium and large companies face with the individual platforms.


With 123onsite, customers only pay per active license. But you can give access to it to as many users as you want to invite. This pricing model is fair. This is because smaller companies pay much less than large companies – depending on the number of active time accounts. This means that a small company with only one employee, for example, would start with five euros a month.

Also fair to users is that there are no entry costs with 123onsite.

That is why the comparison of time recording systems is meaningful for construction companies

The questions of the HWK in the comparison of time recording systems were reasonable as well as industry-specific and aimed at the essential features of the software.

The comparison provides answers to exactly the questions users have when looking for the best time tracking app.

Independently tested: 123onsite comes out on top

The comparison of the HWK Frankfurt-Rhein-Main shows that 123onsite is the furthest along in the market environment as far as the range of functions of the tested Time tracking apps is concerned. As a company, this was a pleasant surprise for us ourselves. This is because we have a strong focus in our software development processes on the development of an appealing design as well as on the user-friendliness of our software solutions. In other words: We are not satisfied until the foremen on the construction site are too. When an independent comparison tests our time recording systems, we are therefore all the more pleased.

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