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Mitarbeiter der Dasenbrock Rohr- und Kabelverlegung GmbH fotografiert ein Objekt auf der Baustelle mit seinem Handy

Your advantages with digital photo documentation for construction

With our market-leading construction photo documentation app, you can easily record the condition and progress on your construction site through photos. The images can be assigned directly to the construction site as well as to the respective project and can be accessed by all project members in the app.

Legally compliant construction documentation

Incredibly simple – taking photos is child’s play

Data you can trust

Transparency for everyone: from the construction worker to the boss

Can be used offline & with own smartphone

This is what the photo documentation app for the construction site can do

With the construction site photo documentation in 123erfasst you can easily collect photos and data and add more relevant information to your construction diary.

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Enrich photos with information

The photos are available to you in real time in the 123-Office. There you can review the images, enrich them with information and post-process them simply in the photo documentation.


Record special services, remarks & notes

The photo documentation app logs the time and GPS coordinates of each capture. In addition, you and your co-workers can note special services, comments, notes, and notations. The notes remain stored in your site documentation at all times.


Use photo documentation automatically for your construction diary

As a project manager, you can simply place a check mark next to captured photos, which will be used directly for your construction diary, as well as add a comment if you wish. To do this, you have to have the projects module with the construction diary active in 123onsite.

This is how you benefit from digital photo documentation


Your clients pay faster

Attach construction reports with photos to your invoices. This way, no questions remain unanswered for your client and a quick settlement is guaranteed.


Reject notices of defect

Make sure and always record the condition of your construction site with photo documentation. This gives you proof of your proper work at all times.


Record accidents properly

Keep records in accordance with BG regulations by simply saving photos of accidents in the first-aid book stored in 123onsite.

Start now with the construction photo documentation app

Just choose the Projects module and you can start directly with the photo documentation in the Free version.



Mobile construction management. Manage and document all information of your construction site – thanks to photos, construction diary or notes. Digitally and on the go via an app.

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Juniorchef Johannes Münsinger der Münsinger Erdbau GmbH aus dem bayrischen Blossenau

Johannes Münsinger

Managing Director

The 123onsite software is an important building block for us on the way to the digital construction site.

Münsinger Erdbau GmbH

Civil Engineering

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