Digital defect management via app

With our “quality” module you can put an end to errors

What the defect management app can do

Clear and efficient defect management in one app

Your construction project at any time in real-time view

All information always at hand: Locating defects on digital construction plans

Always informed thanks to automatically updated data

More transparency for fewer misunderstandings

Secure your accountability

Without digital defect management

  • No overview of the defects
  • Unclear responsibilities
  • Confusing list of defects
  • Information is not centrally available to everyone
  • Increased risk of errors due to misunderstandings

Easier with the construction defects app from 123onsite

  • Crystal clear documentation
  • Precise responsibilities for all stakeholders
  • Status overview of the defects at any time. In the office and on the construction site
  • All tickets are exportable as a PDF
  • Can be used offline and on any smartphone

Billing method





1 user

The apprentice for the digital construction site

  • 1 user free of charge
  • Ticket registration
  • Observer
  • Processor
  • Plans and location
  • Subcontractor





per user and month

The fully-fledged journeyman for professional work

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Ticket registration
  • Observer
  • Editors
  • Plans and location
  • Subcontractor
  • Roles & Rights
  • Integrations
  • Support included





per user and month

The excellent master for demanding requirements

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Ticket registration
  • Observer
  • Editors
  • Plans and location
  • Subcontractor
  • Roles & Rights
  • Integrations
  • Forms
  • Support included

How the defects app works

Digital list of defects on the construction


Document tasks and defects on the construction site easily and legally with the 123onsite defect management app. Record construction defects with just a tap of your finger – take photos, add notes and deadlines, locate tasks on the digital construction plan and assign them to the responsible employees or subcontractors.

Never again botched construction


Optimise defect management on your construction site with 123onsite Quality. The digital defect management app ensures fast communication between all parties involved and provides an overview of all processes. Even in the office, you have direct access to all tickets created on site and their status.

Configure forms and fill them out on site


Create custom forms for a successful site inspection right in the Defects app. With digital defect lists and individually configured handover and inspection protocols, you are well prepared. Your employees also benefit from digital defect management: they can fill out all the necessary forms directly on the construction site in the defect app.

Paperless in the office –
start now for free

It’s simple: Through our apps, you reduce the effort of your data entry, have an overview at any time during your project and can check your calculation afterwards.
Even easier: With us you save time and money.


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Instead of an on-site appointment, locating photos on the plan shows the subcontractor exactly where touch-ups are needed.

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Things to know about the app for construction defects

A defect management software is a specialized application that helps organizations record, track, and resolve defects, deficiencies, or errors. So with defect management software, you can efficiently document construction defects in a legally compliant manner, assign responsibilities, monitor the progress of remediation, and thus improve quality control and assurance.

With digital defect management software, you can keep track of your construction projects at all times and minimize errors and misunderstandings directly on site.


In the 123onsite Defects app, you can document defects, add photos, notes or deadlines, and assign further tasks to employees or external specialists with a tap of your finger.


The Construction Defect App facilitates communication between project stakeholders, tracks the progress of defect remediation, and thus improves efficiency and transparency throughout the construction process.

Managing defects and tasks occurs on every construction site. The quality module supports all executing trades on the construction site and all those who want to keep an eye on them from the office. Our customers include construction companies, architects’ offices, planning offices and craft businesses of all sizes.

You use 123onsite for your time tracking or construction diary? In that case, the quality module is the perfect addition! This gives you the advantage of being able to access all the data you have collected and use it for efficient further processing. For example, if you create a ticket in the quality module, you can directly record the time spent on correcting the defect in the personnel module.


Vice versa, you can also use each module separately – completely flexible and according to your wishes.

The quality module offers the same range of functions as 123quality before. Thanks to the breakdown into three price tiers, the user only pays for what is actually used. A free variant with limited functionality is also available.

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Success story

Amberg Bau GmbH & Co KG successfully relies on 123onsite software for recording, documenting and tracking defects on their construction sites.

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