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123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |

Never keep a handwritten construction diary again!

123onsite brings together all relevant construction site data like used construction machines, tools and materials, active employees as well as the weather and thus generates your construction diary for your project –entirely automatically.

Your daily construction report up to the minute.

Automatic transfer of all recorded times and activities.

Includes all images from the 123onsite photo documentation.

Mobile on your smartphone or tablet as well as on your PC in the office.

Your basis for a good relationship with your clients.

123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |

Functions of the construction diary app

With our Construction diary software 123onsite you can fill your Construction diary efficiently and uncomplicated by your data collected via app and you can benefit from many advantages!


Note: The daily construction report can only be created and accessed directly via the Office application.

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Mitarbeiter der Baugeschäft H & M GmbH nutzt die Desktop Version der 123erfasst Software im Büro


Access for everyone

With 123onsite’s Construction diary mobile app, you can record all data anytime, anywhere using your smartphone. The employees in your office have the daily construction report digitized and available in real time.


Involve your client

If required, you can provide the architect or client with access to the construction diary. This creates trust through transparency in the documentation.

123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |


Your construction diary, as individual as you are

Customize your construction report by adding your company logo and contact information. Then you can easily save the report as Excel or PDF and send it by e-mail.

Create daily construction reports digitally

– what do i get out of 123onsite?


Safe construction supervision

By filling out the construction diary every day, you record what happens on the construction site and fulfill your documentation obligation.


Reliable weather data

The current weather conditions from the German Weather Service are automatically adopted and assigned to the relevant construction site.


Select photos specifically

Add comments to your photo, check the time and GPS information and assign it directly to your digital construction diary.

How can I get started with the digital construction diary?

With the Projects module, you can easily and efficiently document your construction projects, saving valuable time. Convince yourself and start for free with the free version of our Construction diary app.

123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |
123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |



Mobile construction management. Manage and document all information of your construction site – thanks to photos, construction diary or notes. Digitally and on the go via an app.

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For decentrally organized medium-sized construction companies like KEMNA, a flexible system like makes work much easier.

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123erfasst: Baustellen-Apps für digitale Lösungen |

It’s simple: Through our apps, you reduce the effort of your data entry, have an overview at any time during your project and can check your calculation afterwards.
Even easier: With us you save time and money.


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Collect data and enjoy your digitized construction site

Things to know about Construction diary software

Construction diary software supports you in the comprehensive documentation of your construction projects. In the 123onsite Construction diary app, you can easily record and document data about your construction site, work performed, materials and equipment used, and weather conditions.


This way, you keep track of the construction progress and always have all important information at hand. Especially in the event of damage, complete Construction documentation is essential.

The keeping of a Construction diary is one of the HOAI basic services of a construction manager or construction supervising architect in the service phase 8 of construction supervision.


However, it is not prescribed by law in what form the Construction diary must be. So you have the choice whether you prefer to keep your Construction diary by hand or digitally via app.


The Construction diary app from 123onsite is specially designed to help you with the daily challenges of construction and make your day-to-day work as a construction manager easier.

Our Construction diary mobile app automatically collects data and independently assigns relevant information to your construction sites. This saves you valuable time and allows you to organize your workday more efficiently.


The employees in the office have access to all stored data in real time on the PC.


The central storage of all relevant information in the Construction diary app ensures clear and legally compliant construction site documentation. It also makes it easier and more efficient to collaborate with employees and external experts.

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