Dasenbrock digitizes all processes in everyday construction: a success story

At the end of 2016, Dasenbrock Rohr- und Kabelverlegung GmbH from Vechta in Lower Saxony introduced the system for
Time tracking
mobile project documentation
from 123onsite. The aim was to reduce administrative activities and to document construction sites in a legally compliant manner. The company of the Dasenbrock Group focuses on laying gas, water and heat lines as well as power and telecommunications cables. However, the focus is now on laying fiber optic cables for high-speed Internet connections. For example, Dasenbrock builds fiber optic cable routes throughout Germany for many well-known utilities – and 123onsites supports.

Digital time tracking minimizes paperwork


In the past, employees recorded their hours worked by hand. Time sheets that were submitted late, filled out incorrectly or even illegibly were the order of the day in the payroll department. With 40 employees, manual reworking in the payroll program was no longer practical, so a digital solution was needed – and it came: Through an Internet search, Thomas Dasenbrock, who studied civil and industrial engineering, learned about the
time recording system 123onsite
and quickly carried out a test phase with all leading employees.

The functionalities as well as the price-performance ratio were convincing and therefore the software from the neighboring city was chosen.

The employee now simply books his attendance time at the construction site and the intelligent system supplements the recorded hours via the stored information. The software then transmits the resulting results to the payroll software. Furthermore, company agreements such as internal calendars etc. can also be stored.

Extensive documentation


Three times a day, the current weather data from the German Weather Service are automatically incl. GPS coordinates imported into the 123onsite app and saved on the daily construction report – an independent recording of the weather situation is also possible. Employees also note their comments on each activity. The
Photo documentation
is next to the
Time tracking
the most frequently used functionality of the program. For Dasenbrock, it is important to include photos, weather data and comments on all production processes at the construction site. This allows the company to prevent possible complaints from the municipalities and the client.

Thomas Dasenbrock, Geschäftsführer der Dasenbrock Rohr- und Kabelverlegung GmbH aus Vechta in Niedersachsen
Dasenbrock Logo

Thomas Dasenbrock

Managing Director

For example, if the municipality indicates that the curb has sunk because we are supposed to have driven over it with a machine, we can prove the opposite with the help of the photodocu.

Dasenbrock pipe and cable laying GmbH

Civil Engineering

Always on the safe side


The problem with civil engineering work is that the services provided cannot be reviewed after the project has ended. With 123onsite Dasenbrock GmbH has increased legal certainty. The documentation attached to the invoice shows the client both the activities performed and the proper execution. In addition, photographs of the site security must be taken in the morning and evening in order to be able to reject unfounded damage claims directly.

Mitarbeiter der Dasenbrock Rohr- und Kabelverlegung GmbH fotografiert ein Objekt auf der Baustelle mit seinem Handy

The company is also certified according to AMS Bau of BG Bau. For the accident management system, accidents must be logged in a so-called “first-aid book” that is stored in the software. If something should happen to an employee, this can be noted immediately in the first-aid book with a photo. In this way, Dasenbrock ensures that even the data from a minor accident is backed up in the system.

Never again trouble with the subcontractor


In order to prevent subcontractors from performing work improperly, subcontractors must also document their performance according to a strict catalog using 123onsites. Only then can they write invoices that are relevant to the audit. Thomas Dasenbrock comments: “We instruct the company carrying out the work in how to use the 123onsite app and, if necessary, also equip them with smartphones.”


Optimized information flow and satisfied employees with 123onsite

Since the introduction of the construction site management system, the flow of information has been significantly optimized for Dasenbrock. Site management, workshop and administration have immediate access to the construction site data. As a result, the entire process in the company has become more transparent and led to greater employee satisfaction, because today no one is cut off from the flow of information.

Thomas Dasenbrock explains, “In the past, we used to update employees once a week via a joint site manager meeting, but today that takes much less time because everyone has access to all the construction sites and can see what their colleagues are doing.”


For the company boss, legally secure documentation of the construction sites is extremely important, in addition to timely invoicing. Because the sooner the account is settled, the sooner the money is in the account. The bills to which the
construction reports
with the
Photo documentation
do not leave any questions unanswered and are therefore verifiable. The time and effort required for extensive checks and audits is a thing of the past, as are incorrect data entries or illegible timesheets – and all that
all with the help of 123onsite

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Image credits: 123onsite/Timo Lutz Advertising Photography.