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How you benefit from our solutions for digital construction sites

Flexible version and module variations

Immediately usable

Can be used mobile on the construction site and on the desktop

Tailored to your individual needs

Five modules in three versions each

Free version available

Our 5 modules,

to digitize your construction site



Mobile construction management. Manage and document all information of your construction site – thanks to photos, construction diary or notes. Digitally and on the go via an app.

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Digital construction management

The Projects module supports you in digitizing your construction sites with numerous features in the area of construction site management. For example, you can digitally manage and document information on subcontractors, services, materials, daily wages, weather and contacts.

Document projects with photos, a construction diary, notes, and automatic weather logging.

Manage information on subcontractors, services and materials and daily wages.

Create your own forms for individual digital project documentation, optionally also as a checklist or with signature fields.



Digital construction scheduling. Schedule projects, equipment or personnel – individually or in a team – conveniently in the calendar using drag & drop.

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Digital construction site planning

With our Scheduling module, you can handle scheduling on the digital construction site easily and efficiently. Coordinate your projects and Equipment as well as your Staff – individually or in a team – in a clear calendar view.

Role- and rights-controlled editing of shifts, tasks, etc. via the calendar

Mobile access to shift plans at any time

Carry out daily planning



Digital recording of all important employee data, such as working hours, applications or qualifications. Digitally and mobile via app.

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Mobile personnel management

On the way to the digital construction site, the Staff module must not be missing. All important data of your employees such as working hours, applications or qualifications are recorded in the app and centrally managed depending on the branch or company structure. You can also calculate wages taking construction rates, allowances and expenses into account. Cards, monthly calendars and time accounts ensure full transparency and optimal daily planning.

Record times and absences, submit applications – all easily via app.

Assign competencies to employees and thus always use them optimally.

Have wages calculated taking construction rates, allowances and expenses into account.

123erfasst Equipment
123erfasst Equipment



The digital equipment management. Record the operating times and movements of your equipment on site and plan equipment maintenance.

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Manage construction equipment digitally

Our Equipment module also supports you in digitizing the construction site. Manage your Equipment by tracking Equipment times and movements and schedule Equipment maintenance. In addition, you can connect various manufacturer and location portals and automatically record location and operating data using telematics.

Simple equipment and maintenance planning by means of data acquisition on equipment times and movements.

Clear movement and location display of all devices on a map

Centralized management of device information and documents.



Create tickets for tasks or defects and locate them on the stored plans. You always have your documentation at hand. Digitally and mobile via app.

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Mobile defect management

With the quality module, quality and defect management becomes digital on the construction site. Create tickets for tasks or defects and locate them on the stored plans. This way, you always have your documentation ready whenever you need it.

Digital task and defect management through ticket creation via app.

Locate tickets directly on stored plans.

Important forms and information for construction handovers etc. always at hand.

The digital construction site for any size of business

Which Tier of 123onsite is right for you?

free Tier – The apprentice for the digital construction site


Not sure if you want to take the first steps towards a digital construction site with 123onsite? The decision for a new software is a long-term one and should be optimal for your business. That’s why you can use 123onsite without obligation, free of charge and for an unlimited time. Just register and get started right away.


By the way: Our open API enables the connection to industry-specific software solutions, ERP systems, payroll accounting or telematics.

Standard Tier – The full-fledged journeyman for professional work


Our standard versions of the individual modules contain all the important features with which you can digitally manage and document your construction site from start to finish. The number of users is not limited. You also benefit from role and rights management, integration options, and import and export features, for example for transferring data to your tax advisor.

Tier Pro version – The excellent master for large needs


The Pro versions of the individual modules leave nothing to be desired and are also suitable for large projects. You get everything from the standard Tier versions to control and document your construction site digitally throughout. You can assign Equipment or People to the job site, plus documents that can be used offline. You can also work with templates or custom forms, for example with checklists and signature fields.

Our features for your digital construction site

Construction chats

Construction communication

Construction diary

Construction documentation

Construction handover

Construction payroll

Custom forms

Deadline management

Equipment maintenance

Photo documentation

Report sheet



Task Management


Time tracking

Time tracking craft

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