123onsite now multilingual

Seven Eastern European languages available

By popular demand, the 123onsite construction site documentation and time tracking app is now available in seven Eastern European languages (Bulgarian, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Czech and Ukrainian). In this way, the software house from Lohne makes it easier for foreign skilled workers to perform Time tracking and submit applications on the construction site. The language of the app is automatically adapted to the preset system language of the smartphone. In the office, the data is processed as usual in German, English, French or Dutch. He can also submit his vacation request in his own language at the touch of a button.

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Only field names, texts etc. are translated. Master data such as “Material” itself is not translated. If an executing company needs them in several languages, the designations can be stored in several languages, for example in German and Polish “Holz / Drewno”. For this 123onsites enlarged extra the field lengths of the name. The language in which employees want to chat is up to each company.



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